Market Strategy

Australia’s agricultural sector has been at the heart of its economic growth for centuries, and with global food demands requiring a doubling of food production by 2050, the region is again in the spotlight as a source of high-quality, safe and nutritious food products.

The Woods Group is well-positioned to help meet these demands by servicing a wide range of Australian and international markets, through:

  • Diversification as a vertically integrated agribusiness
  • Providing the highest quality of products and services at competitive prices, so we remain supplier of choice to our customer markets
  • Investment in our infrastructure to increase capacity, quality and service levels
  • A focus on building and strengthening long-term relationships with our Australian suppliers and both domestic and international customers
  • Close working relationships with key industry bodies to help shape industry agendas and remain at the forefront of new research and trends
  • Pioneering modern farming techniques and embracing proven technological advancements
  • A focus on flexibility and specialisation to meet the specific needs of new domestic and international export markets, including those across the Asia-Pacific region
  • Building our transport capabilities and supply chain solutions, including investment in reputable vehicles and handling equipment, as well as strategic depot locations to service our existing and new markets requiring bulk and container transport

Our key markets include:

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