Delivering Agricultural Innovation

Our Story

Our Story

A pioneering force in Australian agribusiness, the Woods family has been at the heart of The Woods Group for more than sixty years and we pride ourselves on our trusted reputation for quality and delivery excellence.

It all began in the early 1950s, when we commenced production of winter and summer crops on our original property named Billa Billa in southern Queensland. Since that time, we’ve expanded significantly and helped pioneer best practice crop management techniques to produce high-yielding, export-ready crops.

In 2001, we entered an exciting new phase with the purchase of a grain processing and storage facility in the town of Goondiwindi. Now comprising six vertically integrated business divisions with a focus on industry innovation and product differentiation, we’re at the forefront of meeting global demand for premium Australian-grown pulses, grains and associated food products.

Drawing on our rich history, but always looking forward, our focus on research and development is planting the seed of innovation for generations to come. We continue to explore new opportunities to advance Australia’s agricultural industries and meet the nutritional demands of more families around the world.

Working Together

Whether you are based in Australia or internationally, our expert team can partner with you to develop unique agricultural and food products that allow for differentiation in your growing markets.

As a fully-integrated family business, our agility means greater flexibility to meet your needs so you can respond to market demands quickly and cost-effectively, while our longevity in the market means solid industry knowledge and networks, as well as proven methods and quality controls.

Our integrated structure also includes value-adds such as marketing, distribution and export capabilities to further ensure your success in the marketplace, while our in-house fleet of safe and reliable vehicles delivers a complete logistics solution to meet domestic and international production and distribution deadlines.

Working together with The Woods Group delivers you all the benefits of our focus on:

Market Insights

Market Insights

Continuous monitoring of global food and consumer trends

Regular attendance and presentations at leading Australian and international trade events and conferences

Strong working relationships across the supply chain, including an extensive network of growers, producers, resellers, food manufacturers, retailers, traders and exporters

Engagement with leaders in agribusiness and trade, the academic sector and government to help shape industry agendas and remain at the forefront of new research and trends

Agribusiness, agricultural science and nutrition specialists who track the latest research and trends to formulate the best cropping and rotation programs or product mix to meet your specific needs



Collaboration with key research bodies to develop commercial applications for new agricultural technologies

Onsite testing facilities for new processing methods, such as our market-first puffing technique which delivers light and crunchy puff without roasting or deep frying

Implementation of clean energy generation sources like solar

Adoption of all modern farming practices including GPS and weed-seeker technology

Delivery Excellence

Delivery Excellence

Continuous investment in our people, our relationships and our facilities to provide added value to our customers.

Consistent supply of high-quality and non-GMO seeds and cereal grains, with specialisation in wheat, barley, chickpeas, faba beans, mung beans and sorghum

Focus on flexibility and specialisation to meet the specific needs of new domestic and international export markets, including those across the Asia-Pacific region and USA

Ability to offer spot-market pricing through to 12-month contracted pricing, to help meet market conditions quickly and cost-effectively

Full receiving, cleaning and storage capabilities, including segregated sheds and silos

Full product traceability and quality control, backed by independent quality assurance programs

In-house fleet of safe and reliable vehicles, delivering a complete logistics solution to meet domestic and international production and distribution deadlines, with daily deliveries to the Port of Brisbane and the capacity to export both 20 foot and 40 foot shipping containers.


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